New! Clasped Warp Weaving

Create a uniquely colorful warp on the rigid heddle loom.

You may have heard of clasped weft weaving. This is different. Clasped warp is an alternate method of warping to punch up your color story for a vertical appeal to your design.

You'll definitely want to add this special warping technique to your rigid heddle skillset. This mini-course will give you the cowl pattern shown, complete instruction for completion, and advice on how to apply your new knowledge to future projects.

You only need to know the basics of how to warp your loom in order to create this fast and beautiful piece.

Course Curriculum

How to Use this Course
Chapter 1. Welcome to the Clasped Warp
Chapter 2: The Magic is in the Warp

What's included?

4 Videos
1 Survey
2 PDFs
Tamara Poff
Tamara Poff
Instructor Title

About the instructor

Tamara Poff holds a B.A. in Art Education from Michigan State University and studied toward her M.F.A. at Kendall College of Art and Design.  

As a wholesale representative in the yarn industry for many years, she has traveled throughout the  US working with yarn shops, manufacturers, and designers. Now residing in Tucson and working as a designer, author, and teacher of rigid heddle weaving, she has a passion for growing the skills of newcomers and for helping weavers expand their creative expression.

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