Rigid Heddle Weaving: Learn to Weave with the V Cowl

Weaving Warp into Warp -Beginner Edition

The V Cowl is a popular, special project to help you go "beyond the rectangle". You'll learn the steps to weave warp into warp at the finish to create this cowl with no seams.

Due to its simple use of plain weave, this course is designed for beginners to learn rigid heddle weaving from scratch or as a refresher of the basics for intermediates. For the abbreviated version for all other weavers, see "Rigid Heddle Weaving: the V cowl"

Designer, author, and teacher, Tamara Poff, guides you through from warp to finish with photos, charts, references, and videos and gives you lots of weaving tips in the process. Take your weaving to the next level, and have fun along the way!

What's included?

10 Videos
1 Text
4 PDFs
Tamara Poff
Tamara Poff
Instructor Title

About the instructor

Tamara Poff holds a B.A. in Art Education from Michigan State University and studied toward her M.F.A. at Kendall College of Art and Design.  

As a wholesale representative in the yarn industry for many years, she has traveled throughout the  US working with yarn shops, manufacturers, and designers. Now residing in Tucson and working as a designer, author, and teacher of rigid heddle weaving, she has a passion for growing the skills of newcomers and for helping weavers expand their creative expression.


What others have been saying about this course:

Susan Anticola

Perfect for a new weaver like me

I am so glad that I purchased this course. It is the perfect tool for the beginner (new) weaver like myself. The step by step instruction is very exact and very helpful. By the time I finished the course I was ready to begin a new chapter in my li...

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